Sleepy Lexx, the man behind the voice.

Lexx's childhood was heavily influenced by music. According to Lexx, being immersed in a musical family forced his ability to be musically diverse with various genres that set him apart from other rappers and artists.

Eventually, he launched his musical career with numerous self-released singles that received considerable recognition. 

In 2017, Sleepy Lexx released the critically acclaimed single, 'Gyal', that saturated the airways of the Bahamas.


Through the achievement of this single, he was nominated for the 2018 Bahamas Elevation Awards' "New Artist of the Year". With his unique sound, Sleepy Lexx continued increasing in popularity and released other singles such as 'Slaves' and 'Benihana'. Running with success, he was soon featured on rap artist Foots' internationally known single, 'Jetski'. Sleepy Lexx has received nominations for the second time for his role in 'Jetski' at the 2019 Bahamas Elevation Awards. Those categories are 'Music Video of the Year' and 'Hip-Hop Song of the Year'. Lexx is currently in Miami working with industry veterans from multi-platinum selling artists, to 10 year plus producers and engineers. Lexx is slated to have a mega career and is well on his way. So be on the look out for him as he continues on the path to being the next big music superstar.

Lexx's sound is uniquely marked by his distinctly rasped voice, coupled with a smooth genuine flow and lyrics that describe his personal experiences of life and relationships. His originality is beyond amazing.


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